Providing Education Opportunities

There are many bright young minds, that are ready and willing to work diligently, with spirits that are longing to fulfill great purposes, but these longings are only dreams without an education. 

In Malawi, a staggering 93% of children do not finish secondary school. After primary school, education is no longer free in Malawi and the vast majority of families simply cannot afford to pay the fees, let alone the costs of educational materials and equipment.

Nurture Our World seeks out students that were at the top of their class in 8th grade and were sent home due to inability to pay their tuition. 

We find sponsors for these deserving students, making it possible for them to fulfill their dreams of a brighter future for themselves and their country.  

$70 a month places them in a boarding school, providing a place for them to live, food, and schooling!

Would you be willing to change a child’s destiny?  You will have a personal connection with the student you sponsor.

Every sponsor will receive their student’s picture, birthdate, background story, and progress update after each term.

It’s easy to join our efforts to change the trajectory of a child’s life.

Please contact Christine Kipp, 480-235-4321 Christine@nurtureourworld.net

Students’ Lives We Have Changed

Nurture Our World Secondary School Graduates

2017 Nurture Our World 

Puni University Honors Graduate

Joseph Chipokosa

I am Joseph Chipokosa, a Malawian young man. I completed my degree of International Business at Pune University, India, graduating First Class, “Honors of Distinction” June of 2017.  Here is the story of my college journey and how this gift of education has made it possible for me to help the people of my country.  

Upon the completion of my secondary schooling, Nurture Our World came into my life.  N.O.W. gave me financial support to study for my college entrance exams and the fees to take the exams.  My scores were very good and I was granted a scholarship to study agriculture at the University of Malawi.  N.O.W. supplied my living expenses during my first year at the University.  For my second year in college, I transferred to The Catholic University of Malawi where Nurture Our World continued to pay all of my financial needs including books, supplies, food, and living expenses. It was during this time that I heard about a scholarship being offered to 9 students from Africa.  I submitted my application and was very blessed to be chosen as one of the recipients.  My adventure to Pune India began as I entered my Junior year.  I excelled in my classes at Pune and graduated with honors in International Business in September of 2017. Throughout the course in India, Nurture Our World covered every single need apart from tuition and rent which was covered by the Indian Scholarship. Many thanks to Nurture Our World! I can’t even imagine being there and doing what I was able to do without their aid.
I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management- International Business with Honors from Pune University in India, (Oxford of the East) in September 2017.

Upon returning to Malawi, after graduation from Pune, I took a job selling rice which allowed me to build my grandparents a home, send my siblings to school, and run a youth ministry.  Nurture Our World appointed me Director of N.O.W. and put me in charge of overseeing activities.  I began searching secondary schools for students that were at the top of their class in 8th grade and were kicked out for inability to pay their tuition fees.  Nurture Our World then finds sponsors for these students, empowering them to achieve beyond the mediocrity walls.  



I have used my agricultural college education to work in training over 200 small-scale farmers, equipping them with business and technical skills that have made a huge improvement in their crops.  This past season I planted 5 acres of maize. The harvest produced 200, 110-pound bags of maize.  Nurture Our World purchased 150 of those bags of which 100 bags were shipped to Southern Malawi where over 500,000 people have been displaced and left hungry and 50 bags were sent to widows and orphans in need in other areas of Malawi.

In 2022 I asked Nurture Our World to help me create a much-needed medical clinic in our village.  I worked for months on obtaining licensing, the building, equipment, and staff, all funded by Nurture Our World.  We opened Kondhwa Medical Clinic on November 1, 2022!  It has become the medical facility that the villagers now depend on.

I am currently studying in an online program from Life Point Christian University in Glendale Arizona, for a Master’s Degree in Christian Ministry.   I will graduate in November 2023.  I once again want to thank Nurture Our World for arranging this opportunity and covering the financial obligations it requires for me to do this.   As soon as I complete my Masters Degree, I will start a Christian Ministry.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Nurture Our World for believing in me and for the huge role they made in giving me, a poor orphan boy from Malawi, this chance to become someone who can help make my country a better place for many. I am overwhelmed with the love and kindness that the Nurture Our World doner’s have shown me and I place all of the Nurture Our World partners in my prayers.

    Joseph Chipokosa 

2019 Nurture Our World Graduate
Andrew Nduwaluwa

Born 8/16/1999, Andrew is an orphan brought up by his older brother.
He was hardworking and always at the top of his class.

Before he was awarded a N.O.W. scholarship he was behind on 3 terms of tuition. He would have been a dropout without the generous donations from our Nurture Our World sponsor, Dr. Bernadette Arnecke who sponsored him through grade 11 and 12.

He passed the Malawi National Senior Secondary Exam so well that he won admission to one of the top Universities in Malawi, The Malawi University of Science and Technology where he studies science.

Thank You Dr. Bernadette Arnecke for your loving support in helping this fine young man achieve his life’s dreams!

2020 Nurture Our World Graduate
Faith Kasera

Born April 26, 2001, Faith is 17. She is an orphan with three siblings, raised by a single grandmother.  She was due to drop out of school for inability to pay her tuition fees when we found her.  She was a very bright student.

She was graciously sponsored by Dr. Will Ready and his wife Teri Carter for the first three years of school.  She wants them to know how much she appreciates this opportunity and that she will not waste it. She has proven this by being at the top of her class.

Dr. Bernadette Arnecke sponsored her for her last year in secondary school.  She scored very well and is enrolled in a technical college.  She is the first in her family to go this far with education!  Thank You Dr. Reedy and Dr. Arnecke for believing in me!

2020 Nurture Our World

Graduate With Distinction

Bridgett Moyo

Bridgette Moyo is Nurture Our World’s Outstanding Student Of The Year!  She came in 3rd in the Nation on her National Senior Exams!  We are so very proud of her!

Hello Bridgett,  I just learned of your amazing achievement of ranking #3 student in your country!  Such a testament to your intelligence and diligence!   I wish you the best in your future endeavors and hope to learn that you have become a doctor!  I feel lucky to have played a small part in your life as you financial sponsor through Nurture Our World.  Sincerely, Dr. Bernadette Arnecke

2021 Nurture Our World Graduate

 Harold Brino

Harold was born on December 6, 2003. This very bright 15 year old is an only child raised by a single mother. When he was selected to attend high school his mother and grandmother managed to raise the school fees for the 1st term. He worked so hard that he was one of the top 3 students in his class. He was forced to quit school the 2nd term because his mother could not raise the money for him to attend.

His school headmaster strongly recommended Harold for a N.O.W Scholarship because of his intelligence and work ethic.

He was sponsored by Dr. David and Christine Kipp.

He graduated number three in his class. He is living his dream to study entrepreneurship in college. His goal is to build a business that will create jobs for youths in Malawi. 

2021 Nurture Our World Graduate

Hetherwick Kabawo

Hetherwick was an orphan boy, raised by his older brother, who was a student at the University of Malawi.  During the holidays, his brother had to work as a teacher on a part-time basis to raise school fees for both of them.

Nurture Our World found him at the end of his 11th grade term but he had not paid a penny in tuition for that term and was ready to be run out of school.  The school head was very gracious to him and let him stay because he was one of the best students in his class.

Judy Johnson, his Nurture Our World sponsor, stepped in paid his delinquent fees, and sponsored him until he graduated.

“I always thank Judy for always being such a good person as she has made my life to be so happy.  May the Good Lord always bless you Judy.”

Hetherwick is now at the University of Malaw The Chancellor College working on a bachelor of science in mathematics.  He has completed one year of a 4 year program.  His plans are to help the government in financial development as well as the economy in the country.  He also dreams of creating a learning center where people can get knowledge of mathematics, computer science and physical science.

 We are very proud of the young man Hetherwick is becoming!


2021 Nurture Our World Graduate 
Leniter Chisoti

Leniter is the 2nd born and youngest in her family.  Her elder sister had to drop out of school the very first term because her parents couldn’t afford the school fees.

When Nurture Our World found her, she was at home while her friends were attending school with no hope of ever achieving her dream of an education.

She was sponsored by Dr. David and Christine Kipp and is now a secondary school graduate, finishing with very good grades.  

2022 Nurture Our World Graduate

Shamim Chimphepo

Shamim is the first born in a family of 3, her mother is a single parent and a housekeeper at Blessings Hospital.  She was first sponsored by Joseph Chipokosa for her first two terms.  In her third term Dr. Deanna Haller sponsored her until she graduated.  

2022 Nurture Our World

Graduate with Distinction

Inno Raphael

Inno lost his father when he was a little boy and was brought up by his single mother.  He was sponsored by Joseph Chipokosa for the first two years of his secondary schooling and only improved every term, becoming one of Joseph’s favorites among our students!

Carmen Anderson took over his sponsorship for the remaining 2 years.  He became a mechanical engineer. Here is a letter to his sponsor, Carmen Anderson before he graduated.

Madam Carmen,  It has been awhile since I wrote you.  My studies are going very well and I have a term to complete my secondary school level.  you have come a long with me and I thought you should know that I am very grateful.  When I graduate, I would like to study Mechanical Engineering and if possible will you keep sponsoring me?  It has been a smooth on my side but I understand that you are not doing all this out of abundance but love.  The Lord bless you for me.  Inno

2022 Nurture Our World Graduate 
With Distinction 
Mandela Buliana

Mandela was orphaned and raised by relatives in Northern Malawi.  His Grandmother, who is the head Mother at the Mtendere orphanage, told us about Mandela and how bright he was.  We were there at Mtendere at the time and Susanne interviewed him to make sure he had the potential to be awarded one of our scholarships.  He pledged to work hard if we would accept him.   Dr. Susanne agreed to be his sponsor and supported him throughout his secondary education.  
Mandela graduated with distinction and is now enrolled to attend one of the top engineering schools in Malawi.   We are very proud of his accomplishments.

2022 Nurture Our World Graduate

Chancy Shepard

Chancy’s parents ran a small grocery shop and struggled to pay her tuition fees.  She is a very brilliant girl!  Her dream is to become a radiologist and save lives.  Her journey exemplifies the impact of a resilient heart and an unwavering commitment to turning dreams into reality.

Chancy’s story serves as a source of inspiration for individuals facing similar financial hurdles, reminding them that with perseverance, dedication, and the support of a community that believes in their potential, even the most formidable challenges can be overcome on the path to success.


Dr. David and Christine Kipp were proud to sponsor her.  

Nurture Our World College Graduate
Natural Resources College of Malawi

Joel Phiri

Joel had just one more semester to complete in order to graduate with his college degree.  Financial difficulties overwhelmed him and he was forced to drop out of school and not finish.  Then Nurture Our World heard of he hardship and went to work to find him a sponsor.  

Pat McNeill, a retired science teacher from Pennsylvania, was told about Joel’s plight.  Years ago, when she was finishing college, she had found herself in the same predicament as Joel.  She was sitting in the administration office, awaiting her expulsion due to her inability to pay her tuition when a lady sitting next to her, heard of her problem.  The lady immediately went and paid for Pat’s fees for the entire rest of her college.  So when Pat heard of this opportunity to help Joel, she jumped at the chance to help.  Because of her, Joel is now a graduate with a good-paying job.   Joel sends his love and gratitude for her and says she is always in his prayers! 

2023 Nurture Our World Graduate 

Joseph Innocent Malizani

Innocent received financial support to complete his secondary education from Ms. Sainty Wang, one of Nurture Our World’s scholarship doners.

Innocent’s journey stands as a beacon of hope, showcasing the transformation that is possible when financial aid intersects with unwavering determination. Through the support he received, he not only realized his dreams but also kindled a fire of gratitude and a commitment to make a positive impact on others. 

Madam Sainty Wang,

I hope this note finds you well.  I just thought of saying Thank You for the generous hand towards my education. I can possibly not thank you enough for this great responsibility.  My mother is equally grateful!  Know that we do not take it for granted.  Take Care. 

Innocent Malizani

2023 Nurture Our World Graduate

Christabel Faith Ngalande

Christabel was only 13 years old in 10th grade.  She wrote her primary exams in 2018 and emerged as one of the best students in the district!  She was selected to go to one of the top Girl’s Secondary Schools in the country. Unfortunately, the aunt who was raising her also had 3 children who were also in school, so she couldn’t afford to pay Christabel’s tuition.  That is when Nurture Our World sponsor, Carmen Anderson became Christabel’s sponsor throughout her secondary school years.

Mrs. Carmen Anderson,  This note is to thank you for your merciful and kind heart to me.  It is because of you that I am still in school.  May God grant you a long and good life so that many may have a taste of your kindness.  
Christabel Ngalande

2023 Nurture Our World Graduate 

Hastings Pooneka

This is Hestings, the last born in his family.  His father is a retired guard and his mother is a housewife.  In his first academic year, his father struggled to pay school fees for him as he entirely depended on his pension fund and subsistence farming.  Upon meeting him, Joseph observed, “I haven’t met a young man so zealous and hardworking in school.  I know at this pace, we will bring the best out of him!”

Hestings is another one of  Dr. Bernadette Arnecke’s students that she has sponsored.  

To Dr. Arnecke,  Thank you for the good job you are doing in my life.  Ever since you started helping me, I’ve done nothing but getting better in my studies.  It is my sincere hope that you will keep paying for my school fees because you have my dreams revived!  Trust me, you made me a very happy boy!  Without your help I would be at the edge of dropping out, so Thank You!   Hestings Pooneka 


Sponsoring a child in Malawi to attend secondary school is a transformative act of generosity that yields far-reaching benefits. In a country where educational opportunities can be limited, your support not only empowers an individual but also strengthens communities and fosters positive social change. By providing access to secondary education, you equip these young minds with the knowledge and skills necessary to break the cycle of poverty, pursue their dreams, and contribute meaningfully to their nation’s development. Your sponsorship offers hope and a brighter future, enabling these students to aspire to careers that can address Malawi’s pressing challenges, from healthcare to agriculture. Moreover, it demonstrates the profound impact that compassion and education can have, inspiring a ripple effect of positive change that extends beyond the classroom and shapes the future of Malawi.

You to can support one of these deserving students:  Contact: Christine Kipp CEO, to choose your student.  480-235-4321

All donations received go directly toward the cause, ensuring that 100% of your contribution makes a meaningful impact without any administrative deductions.