Cyclone Freddy spared no mercy as it unleashed its wrath upon Southern Malawi.

Cyclone Freddy is both the longest-lasting and highest-ACE-producing tropical cyclone ever recorded worldwide. It struck Southern Malawi March 12, 2023, triggering 6 months’ worth of rainfall in 6 days, causing floods and mudslides that killed more than 1,216 people, 537 missing, 1332 injured and 659,000 people have been displaced More than 2 million farmers lost their crops as 440,000 acres of land were destroyed or washed away, and 1.4 million livestock were drowned, starved, or lost.  After the Storm, Malawi’s Farmers Face a Precarious Future.

Southern Malawi now faces an extreme crisis. Families are in dire need of shelter, clean water, food, and medical supplies. The road to recovery is long and arduous, but we at Nurture Our World, have an impactful way we can make a difference, but we need your help.



Nurture Our World has been blessed with a powerful way to make a HUGE difference!   

Nurture Our World assisted the President of  N.O.W. in Malawi, Joseph Chipokosa, in purchasing  6 acres of land, seed, and fertilizer to plant maize.  We purchased Joseph’s last crop in July 2023 of 150, 110-pound bags of maize and shipped it down to Southern Malawi where it was gratefully received!  

Joseph is ready to harvest his second crop which is even more bountiful than the first!  He is expecting a yield of over 200 bags!  Nurture Our World, with your help, has the opportunity to purchase all of these bags for the people who so desperately need this food in Southern Malawi!  The cost is only $35 for a 110-pound bag.  How many bags would you be able to donate?   100% of your donation goes to this cause!  Click the Donate Button below to be a part of making a huge difference.

“In March 2023, our community was hit by the devastating cyclone storm which destroyed thousands of houses and swept away crops in farms belonging to the people within our catchment area. By the Grace of God, 68 needy and very vulnerable families that lost everything during the storm started receiving a monthly food donation of corn which is our staple crop donated by Christine Kipp of Nurture Our World Foundation from Arizona, USA. The maize was distributed from the month of November 2023 to February 2024.We are immensely grateful for this timely assistance that saved majority from the hunger and malnutrition. 
Ida Puliwa Founder and CEO of Malawi Non-Profit Othakarhaka.