“How can I try to be better if nobody lets me in?”

We all benefit when we help orphan and vulnerable children.

Working together to build their dreams, we take them from Vulnerable to Victorious. 

Interacting with these children through art projects has a profound impact on their lives.

Nurture Our World’s art projects have provided hundreds of precious children in Malawi with a powerful means of self-expression and emotional release, allowing them to convey their feelings, and dreams in ways that words often cannot. Through these artistic endeavors, such as our art exchange, kite project, and Helping Hands, the collaborative nature of these projects fostered a sense of belonging and community, enabling these children to form bonds with children here in the US and with us as well.   Ultimately, these interactions offer these children a therapeutic outlet, and a source of joy, enriching their lives in ways that extend far beyond the canvas or sculpture they create.

Michael and Janet & the Mtendere Orphanage

Pictured above is Michael at age 1 year, Michael (age 1) and Janet at age 3, (June 2007), Michael (age 4) and Janet (age 6), (June 2010), Michael (age 13) (August 2019) Janet (age 15)(August 2019) Christine and Janet (August 2019) Michael, Janet and other orphans at Mtendere (June 2010)

We first met Michael and Janet from the Mtendere Orphanage in Malawi in 2007.  It was Michael’s first day at the orphanage and he was 1 year old.  Janet was 3 years old and she decided that Michael was her new little brother.  She remained bonded to him over the years.  We visited Mtendere Orphanage again in June of 2010 and to our delight, Micheal and Janet came running to greet us.  Janet totally remembered us!  I taught Janet how to sing “Ring Around The Rosie” and when I returned to visit her a week later she was so excited to show me that she had taught Michael and her friends the words to the song.  The children at Mtendere wake before sunrise and are fed one meal a day, a bowl of VitaMeal porridge.  As Michael receives his bowl, he turns to me and smiles with delight!

Three years later, Michael and Janet had left Mtendere Orphanage and were each living in their home villages.  We traveled to both villages to visit them.  We were delighted to find that they both remembered us and were excited to see us again!  We were happy to see that they were attending school, happy and well-adjusted because of the loving care at Mtendere.