“How can I try to be better if nobody lets me in?”

Sponsoring a child’s education in Malawi can have a profound and lasting impact, both on the individual child and on the community as a whole. Here are several aspects to consider regarding leaving a legacy through such an act:

  • Education as a Foundation: Education is often regarded as the cornerstone of development. By sponsoring a child’s education in Malawi, you are providing them with access to opportunities that can break the cycle of poverty. Education empowers children with knowledge, skills, and confidence to pursue their dreams and contribute positively to their communities.
  • Addressing Systemic Issues: Malawi faces numerous challenges in its education system, including inadequate infrastructure, children must pay for schooling after 8th grade, teacher shortages, and limited access to resources. By sponsoring a child’s education, you are helping to address these systemic issues and contribute to the overall improvement of the education sector in Malawi.
  • Empowering Girls: In many parts of Malawi, girls face significant barriers to accessing education, including cultural norms, early marriage, and household responsibilities. By sponsoring a girl’s education, you are not only providing her with the opportunity to learn but also challenging gender norms and promoting gender equality.
  • Personal Connection and Legacy: Sponsoring a child’s education through Nurture Our World, allows you to establish a personal connection with your child, and leave a meaningful legacy. You have the opportunity to witness the impact of your support firsthand, as you watch your child grow and thrive academically and personally. Your generosity can inspire others to take similar actions, creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond the individual child you sponsor.
  • The average cost to sponsor a child for a 10 week semester is only $200!  This places them in a boarding school, providing them not only an education, but a safe place to live and food to eat.

Meet Nurture Our World’s Current Malawi Scholarship Students

Mphatso (Gift) Brighton 

Mphatso is a very bright student who will graduate in July of 2024.   He is sponsored by Mr. Derek Rogers.  

Dear Mr. Derek Rogers,  I write to thank you for taking it upon yourself to help me with my education.  The Lord bless you for this rare chance.  Please don’t ever give up on me because I have made up my mind to make you proud.  A few more of your kind could do this world good.  Mphatso Brighton

Happy Sashota

Happy is the last born in the family of many, headed by a single mother.  He was at the edge of dropping out when Nurture Our World offered him a scholarship.  He is being sponsored by Dr. Susanne Lammot.  

Happy has done nothing but make huge improvements since!  His dream is to study Science in Agriculture so that one day he may help fill the gap in the shortage of food in Malawi.  

Happy is on track to graduate in July of 2024.



Rachael Sitima

This is Rachael Sitima, a 13-year-old girl from Ntalika village, a 9th-grade student at Mulanje secondary boarding school.   Her parents were farmers in southern Malawi.   It was on March 12th of this year that Cyclone Freddy, the longest, strongest cyclone in Malawi recorded weather history, hit southern Malawi with a vengeance!  While she was at the boarding school, the flooding from the cyclone swept through her village, and the heavy waters washed her entire family away after their house fell on them.  Due to the cyclone, the schools were temporarily closed and all of the students were sent back home.  Rachael arrived home to find her mother, father, and 6 siblings were all washed away and her home gone.  With this devastating news came the reality that she had no one to take care of her and no one to pay her school fees, leaving her homeless.  Upon hearing this story, we reached out to Dr. Bernadette Arnecke, one of our most dependable student sponsors at Nurture Our World, who stepped right up and sponsored Rachael, who is now back in school because of Dr. Arnecke’s love and caring! Please pray for Rachael!

Mercy Mogha

 Her sister, who helps at our Khondwa Medical Clinic, was sponsoring her in school until she couldn’t she could no longer afford it.  Mercy was in her second year when we began to sponsor her.  She passed the junior national exams well and is currently in form 3 or her junior year.  She is sponsored by Carmen Anderson.  

Salomy Samson

Salomy has been raised by both parents.  Her father is a motorbike taxi driver.  The parents struggled to pay her fees and sometimes she went to school late but since she was awarded the Nurture Our World scholarship, she has made tremendous progress!  her goal is to become a teacher.

Salomy is on tract to graduate in July of 2024 and is being sponsored by Carmen Anderson.

Tonny Gama

Tonny’s father was a taxi driver who passed away 10 years ago.  He was murdered by thugs trying to steal his cab.  His elder brother who is now 18, dropped out of school to help his mom take care of the home.  Tonny is the first to come this far with education in his family.  He also wrote the junior national exams and passed very well.

His sponsor is Christine and David Kipp.

Sponsoring a child in Malawi to attend secondary school is an act of generosity that yields far-reaching benefits.

In a country where free education ends after 8th grade, your support not only empowers these students, but also strengthens communities and fosters positive societal change.

By providing students access to secondary education, you equip these young minds with the knowledge and skills necessary to break the cycle of poverty, pursue their dreams, and contribute meaningfully to their nation’s development.

Your sponsorship offers hope and a brighter future, enabling these students to aspire to careers that can address Malawi’s pressing challenges, from healthcare to agriculture. Moreover, it demonstrates the profound impact that your compassion can have, inspiring a ripple effect of positive change that extends beyond the classroom and shapes the future of Malawi.

There is an urgent need for sponsorships.  Act Now by calling Christine Kipp 480-235-4321
She will unite you with a deserving student who is anxiously awaiting the chance to attend school!