Meet Nurture Our World’s Current Scholarship Students

Mphatso (Gift) Brighton 

Mphatso is a very bright student who will graduate in July of 2024.   He is sponsored by Mr. Derek Rogers.  

Dear Mr. Derek Rogers,  I write to thank you for taking it upon yourself to help me with my education.  The Lord bless you for this rare chance.  Please don’t ever give up on me because I have made up my mind to make you proud.  A few more of your kind could do this world good.  Mphatso Brighton

Happy Sashota

Happy is the last born in the family of many, headed by a single mother.  He was at the edge of dropping out when Nurture Our World offered him a scholarship.  He is being sponsored by Dr. Susanne Lammot.  

Happy has done nothing but make huge improvements since!  His dream is to study Science in Agriculture so that one day he may help fill the gap in the shortage of food in Malawi.  

Happy is on track to graduate in July of 2024.




Salomy Samson

Salomy has been raised by both parents.  Her father is a motorbike taxi driver.  The parents struggled to pay her fees and sometimes she went to school late but since she was awarded the Nurture Our World scholarship, she has made tremendous progress!  her goal is to become a teacher.

Salomy is on tract to graduate in July of 2024 and is being sponsored by Carmen Anderson.


Sponsoring a child in Malawi to attend secondary school is an act of generosity that yields far-reaching benefits.

In a country where free education ends after 8th grade, your support not only empowers these students, but also strengthens communities and fosters positive societal change.

By providing students access to secondary education, you equip these young minds with the knowledge and skills necessary to break the cycle of poverty, pursue their dreams, and contribute meaningfully to their nation’s development.

Your sponsorship offers hope and a brighter future, enabling these students to aspire to careers that can address Malawi’s pressing challenges, from healthcare to agriculture. Moreover, it demonstrates the profound impact that your compassion can have, inspiring a ripple effect of positive change that extends beyond the classroom and shapes the future of Malawi.

There is an urgent need for sponsorships.  Act Now by calling Christine Kipp 480-235-4321
She will unite you with a deserving student who is anxiously awaiting the chance to attend school!