Nurture Our World’s First Scholarship Recipient

I am Joseph Chipokosa, a Malawian young man. I completed my degree of International Business at Pune University, India, graduating First Class, “Honors of Distinction” June of 2017. 

In 2007, I was a young man lucky enough to be given space at one of the national secondary schools (equivalent of high school). It has never been easy to get such an opportunity because of the stiff competition. While I managed to get a placement, there was no one to pay for my school fees and take care of my needs being an orphaned kid.  I thought I had lost the opportunity until I heard of Educate The Children.  I was awarded an ETC scholarship, which covered my tuition until I finished high school. Upon finishing, ETC declared me ‘The ECT Best Student” since the ETC program started.  It was through ETC that I met Christine Kipp and Nurture Our World.   Here is the story of my college journey and how this gift of education has made it possible for me to help the people of my country.  

Joseph’s Story

Christine Kipp, founder of Nurture Our World, was in Malawi Africa, interviewing ETC Scholarship students in June of 2010 when she came across an extraordinary young man attending high school on an ETC scholarship. Joseph’s interview left her with a lasting impression! She was moved by his sincerity, intelligence, maturity and compassion for the children of his country. His concern for the welfare & future of Malawi came from his heart.  One of our greatest gratifications at Nurture Our World has been delighting in the progress that Joseph is achieving and the many lives that he has already influenced.”

In Joseph’s words:

Upon the completion of my secondary schooling, Nurture Our World came into my life.  N.O.W. gave me financial support to study for my college entrance exams and the fees to take the exams.  My scores were very good and I was granted a scholarship to study agriculture at the University of Malawi.  N.O.W. supplied my living expenses during my first year at the University.  For my second year in college, I transferred to The Catholic University of Malawi where N.O.W. continued to pay all of my financial needs including books, supplies, food and living expenses. It was during this time that I heard about a scholarship being offered to 9 students from Africa.  I submitted my application and was very blessed to be chosen as one of the recipients.  My adventure to Pune India began as I entered my Junior year.  I excelled in my classes at Pune and graduated with honors in International Business in September of 2017. Throughout the course in India, Nurture Our World covered every single need apart from tuition and rent which was covered by the Indian Scholarship. Many thanks to Nurture Our World! I can’t even imagine being there and doing what I was able to do without their aid.
I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management- International Business with Honors from Pune University in India, (Oxford of the East) in September 2017.

In addition to my studies at Pune, I continued to support the group that I started at home in Malawi which I named FACT (Fanatical Authenticated Christian Team). FACT began with 7 young men that I came across in my village when I was home on my first-semester leave. These orphan boys did not have the resources to attend high school. I founded FACT as a support to teach them the power of the Bible, the importance of an education, and to show them how to attain scholarships. 

I have completed a book entitled, “The Love of The Divinity”. I am working on getting it published.  

 Upon returning to Malawi, after graduation from Pune, I took a job selling rice which allowed me to build my grandparents a home, send my siblings to school, and run a youth ministry.  Nurture Our World appointed me Director of N.O.W. and put me in charge of overseeing activities.  I began searching secondary schools for students that were at the top of their class in 8th grade and were kicked out for inability to pay their tuition fees.  Nurture Our World then finds sponsors for these students, empowering them to achieve beyond the mediocrity walls.  We have 11 graduates, 7 of which are in collage and 8 current students, 3 of which will be graduating at the end if this school term.  One of our graduates, Bridgette, came in 3rd in the country in her National Exams.

In August of 2019 I married my best friend and life partner.  We now have a beautiful, almost 3-year-old daughter, Zuri Christine, and a second child on the way.   I have built a home with an area to raise and sell farm animals which has allowed me to slowly purchase 4 acres of land on which I grow maize.   Nurture Our World makes it financially possible to give the largest portion of my harvest to those in the most in need of food. Last season the 110 bags that Nurture Our World purchased, fed widows, single moms, and orphans throughout the district. This year, 2023, N.O.W. is providing 150, 110-pound bags which is being sent to the area in southern Malawi that was devastated by Cyclone Freddy.  Learn more about this on the “Windfall” page of this website. 

 I have used my agricultural education to work in training over 200 small scale farmers, equipping them with business and technical skills that have made a huge improvement in their crops.

My personal goal is to be a role model, someone young people can look up to, to attain their potential. I want them to look at my story and be inspired, that if I can, they can too!   My work within my church, teaching youth and aiding in providing for the very poor in our village helps me in attaining these goals.    

In 2022 I asked Nurture Our World to help me create a much-needed medical clinic in our village.  I worked for months on obtaining licensing, the building, equipment and staff, all funded by Nurture Our World.  We opened Kondhwa Medical Clinic on November 1, 2022!  It has become the medical facility that the villagers now depend on.

I am currently studying in an online program from Life Point Christian University in Glendale Arizona, for a Master’s Degree in Christian Ministry.   I will graduate in November 2023.  I once again want to thank Nurture Our World for arranging this opportunity and covering the financial obligations it requires for me to do this.   As soon as I complete my Masters Degree, I will start a Christian Ministry.

I want to take this opportunity to thank ETC, The Force For Good Foundation, and Nurture Our World for believing in me and for the huge role made in giving me, a poor orphan boy from Malawi, this chance to become someone who can help make my country a better place for many. I am overwhelmed with the love and kindness that the Nurture Our World doner’s have shown me and I place all of the Nurture Our World partners in my prayers.

    Joseph Chipokosa 

We are so inspired by what this orphaned young man, from the 8th poorest country in the world, has accomplished! We are reaching out to you to “Help Joseph Help Others.”  To continue this growing ministry, N.O.W. needs your help. Your donation of any amount is a helping hand that is creating a brighter future for the children of Malawi.

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