Without financial aid,

High School is not possible for most children

in 3rd World Countries.

In Malawi, as in most 3rd world countries, High Schools are not free. The students are responsible to pay a tuition fee plus books and uniforms..
The majority of Malawi teens are not able to experience the luxury of attending High School due to lack of financial support.
With your help the door of opportunity and hope will become a reality for students who are anxious to learn.
One of the missions of Nurture Our World in Malawi involves teaching High School students the importance of establishing their lifetime goals and the value of putting those goals in writing.
If Lucy, Ezikiel and Lyness are given the chance, their dreams are to use education to make the lives of their people better. Your donation to Nurture Our World will open the doors of hope to them and all of the lives they will touch.