Educating Girls Makes The Greatest Impact

Promotes Economic Growth

Generates Peace

The Voice Of Peace

Youth are less likely to be
perpetrators of violence, war
and crime because they learn
to elect peaceful approaches
for change.

Years ago a small number of countries in Africa invested significantly in basic education. They now derive peace and economic growth from their investment.

For every year of additional education, boys will earn 10% higher wages while girls will earn 25% higher wages.

Economic Growth
Higher Wages

171 million children could be lifted
out of poverty if all young students in low income countries had basic
reading skills – the equivalent of a
12% drop in world poverty.

When You Educate A Girl:

She will have confidence and independence, choose whom and when to marry, have fewer children who will have higher survival rates, better health and nutrition and will be better educated.

When You Educate A Girl:

She will have economic security and spend 90% of her income on her family. Educated men will only spend 35%. She will help support her parents and will not forget where she came from.