Cyclone Freddy Relief

Malawi, the fourth poorest country in the world, suffered the most catastrophic consequences from Cyclone Freddy. It is said to be the strongest, longest cyclone in recorded weather history. It struck southern Malawi from March 11-15 2023. 


 Strong winds, mudslides, landslides and flashfloods hit 15 districts in the country’s Southern region, leading to death, displacement and destruction. Entire communities were cut-off from essential services, leaving them without access to vital supplies and services, including food and health care. Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera has stated that at least 1,000 people lost their lives, and this figure is expected to rise to more than 1,200 once the official process for confirming the death of those over 550 who remain missing is completed. More than 659,000 people were displaced, most of whom lost their belongings and/or homes, and children’s education was interrupted, as schools were used as displacement sites or destroyed or damaged. Over 204,800 hectares of crops were flooded, just as farmers were about to harvest, prompting concerns regarding food insecurity in the run-up to the next lean season, which will begin in October.