Joseph Update

Christine Kipp and Dr. Suzanne Lammot, founders of Nurture Our World, were in Malawi Africa, interviewing orphan students in June of 2010 when they came across an extraordinarily young man attending high school on a scholarship. Joseph’s interview left them with a lasting impression! They were moved by his sincerity, intelligence, maturity and compassion for the children of his country. His concern for the welfare & future of Malawi came from his heart. “We helped Joseph draft his first Definite Purpose Statement which outlined his life's goals. One of our greatest gratifications at Nurture Our World has been delighting in the progress that Joseph is achieving and the many lives that he has already influenced.”

In Joseph's words:

I first met Christine Kipp & Dr. Susanne Lammot in 2010 when I was in high school. It seems like last week as we have always kept in touch. It was the day I saw myself getting higher in life as I was provoked to write down my goal. Since then I have chased after it.

Now I am attending Pune University in India, studying International Business. So far it has been great studying here. I hope to use the knowledge I am getting here to improve the lives of the youths especially in my country, Malawi where most youths are uneducated and dependent.

In 2013, when I was attending college in Malawi, I started a Christian Youth group which I named: The Fanatic Authenticated Christian Team( FACT). The main aim of the group is to create youth’s which are responsible in the society. We look for leaders who don't just live to die but live to make an impact in the world around them. The goal is that these youths will take their place to become leaders.

I am excited that so far we have witnessed progress. I have seen dead dreams coming alive and small dreams growing to bigger dreams. Below are some of what FACT has achieved:

★ We have been successful in teaching God's word to troubled youths in the Malawi society, bringing them from a disorganized life to a life with purpose. We are happy to see them growing in spirit and knowledge of God.

★ We have rescued some youths from dangerous religion. The confusion of God's grace with laziness, the members are growing in the knowledge of what role they have to play instead of being idle.

★ We have created FACT art ministry. It promotes the development of artistic talents that the youths have, which includes music, poetry, witting and speaking. We have also witnessed progress with this program.

★ We also have a Primary School Children Ministry which deals with younger children in elementary schools. We have career talks to motivate them and keep them focused in school. We also have a little number of kids (needy kids), which we personally help in terms of their academics. We buy them clothes, books and pay for their exam fees etc. We also mentor them when they have some worry or when they need someone to talk to. This helps to ensure that there is nothing standing between them and their dreams.

★ We are also celebrating the “No giving up” mind. The youths are motivated in such a way that they don't easily give up. We teach them to face challenges with courage and hope.

My current dream is to come to the US to motivate some youths to be more responsible in schools, societies, and homes, to encourage some to even dream bigger and to enlarge their dreams so that they can also reach out to others who need them.


We are so inspired by what this orphaned young man, from the 8th poorest country in the world, has accomplished! We are reaching out to you to “Help Joseph Help Others.” Your contributions are greatly needed to make his trip to the US possible and to help us continue to provide his food, books, supplies and clothing as he continues his education in Pune.


Joseph recently competed his 4th semester with highest honors. His goal, when he completes his education in International Business, is to bring much needed jobs to Malawi, which is listed as the 8th poorest country on earth. Because of the recent generous contributions from our last drive, we were able to purchase Joseph a much needed computer to help him further his studies. He was overwhelmed with your love and kindness and places all of the partners of Nurture Our World in his prayers. Click on the link to see his message to you. View Video - Click here


We are reaching out and inviting you to become a "Nurture Our World" Partner. “Help Joseph Help Others!” Your contributions are greatly needed to continue these projecst that are resulting in tremendous impact.


Our current goal is to bring Joseph to the US in 2016, to inspire and motivate youth with his compelling message. To continue this growing ministry, N.O.W. needs your help. Your donation of any amount is a helping hand that is creating a brighter future for the children of Malawi, one of the top 10 poorest countries on our planet!

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